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Garden Trends For 2021

After a whole year in lockdown, it’s no wonder gardening has become more and more popular. As this hobby continues to grow, we have collated the most popular trends we have worked on in 2020/21.

a brown decking with garden furniture on top

Decking and Hot Tubs


We have been inundated with requests to build decking areas to accommodate hot tubs, outdoor bars and entertaining areas. Whilst we offer three different deck types to choose from (softwood, hardwood or composite), we would always recommend Composite decking to suitably hold a hot tub, or at the very least, hardwood deck boards. This will ensure the boards hold up to the weight of the water and provide stability and durability for high traffic areas for entertaining. Since the onset of COVID-19, staying in was the new going out, so creating a relaxing outdoor space to spend time in your own private garden during long summer days is a trend that really has peaked.

"A well-designed deck can add up to 10% value to your home as it extends a buyer's perception of the amount of usable living space. According to experts, adding a wooden deck can lead to an 82.8% return on investment."


- The Online Mortgage Advisor

Wooden Pergolas


Adding a pergola will become a natural focal point in your garden, as an attractive walkway, ideal for climbing plants or as an airy, decorative screen.


Pergolas have always been a popular choice to marry with a new deck or patio. They are a timeless feature to your garden to provide not only a visually appealing element, they can also provide protection in the sun without making the space feel overheated or entrapped. They also look amazing with climbing flowers - Our favourites are wisteria, grapevines and climbing roses for wooden pergolas.

a wooden pergola with white flowers planted over
raised flower beds made from oak sleepers

Grow your own!


Raised garden beds will create a stunning garden feature in your garden and are perfect for growing vegetables and fruit. With rising food prices, shortages and a growing appreciation of organic produce, it’s no surprise the grow your own movement will continue to surge in 2021. By growing your own produce, you’ll also be supporting the environment by helping to reducing plastic waste. While growing your fresh produce at home is eco-friendly, its also cheaper and could save you money in the long run. But if growing your own produce isn’t really your thing, raised beds are also perfect for flowers! Why not install a built in bench around your beds for maximum enjoyment of your planting efforts and to provide a space-saving seating alternative.

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