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Make Your Garden Hedgehog Friendly

Since hedgehogs are declining at a rapid rate, why not make your garden hedgehog friendly? By installing special gravel boards to allow hedgehogs through, you’ll be enticing them into your garden to forage and nest! It’s no secret that Hedgehogs are rapidly declining in the UK. There are many factors for this decline but habit loss is the biggest reason due to property development. So, we’ve collated a few ideas below to help entice some spikey friends back into your garden.


Estimates put the decline at around 30% in the last decade,

predicting the hedgehog population at around one million.

Jacksons Fencing hedgehog friendly gravel board close up in autumn leaves

Install a Hedgehog Fence


Yep, it’s a thing! We supply and fit hedgehog friendly gravel boards which allow hedgehogs and other wildlife to roam freely between gardens in their search for food and mates. The gravel board is similar to a normal gravel board, except it has one hole at one end which is large enough for hedgehogs to pass through.


We recommend having two hedgehog friendly gravel boards which are fitted at each end of the garden. Hedgehogs roam around 2km each night in search of food, nesting areas, hibernation spots and mates, but because our landscapes are constantly developing, it means they need to cross from garden to garden which they are unable to do if the route is blocked.

Start an Open Compost Heap!


Compost heaps are fantastic for wildlife since they are busting with insects and invertebrates, both of which are a hedgehogs favourite meal so your compost heap can become a foraging sensation. Whilst we are on the subject of food, remember to never put down milk for hedgehogs as they are intolerant to lactose and will make them extremely ill. Leaving a shallow bowl of water out would be delightfully received by thirsty hogs! especially in the dry periods when natural resources have dried up.

a lady pushing a wheelbarrow full of leaves to tip onto the compost heap

If you are keen to provide hedgehogs with food but perhaps don’t have space for a compost heap, you can leave out tinned dog or cat food (which isn’t fish based) or buy specially formulated hedgehog food which is available from local wildlife food suppliers. Compost heaps are also perfect hibernation spots since they typically consist of plant and shrub cuttings, food waste and mown grass.

Be Careful When Gardening

You may not think twice about mowing the lawn and trimming the edges, but our spikey friends may be hiding in the grass or on the verges of your garden. Taking a good look around before you start will avoid any accidents or disruptions.


Make Them a Home

Leave a section of your garden to becoming ‘wild’ to allow a safe place for hedgehogs to forage and sleep. Once you have decided on a spot, add some piled logs and leaves to entice them in. With a bit of luck, they might decide to nest in your garden! If you are unable to have a wild section or a compost heap, you can purchase hedgehog homes and place it in a quiet section of your garden.


Keep it Safe!

Keep an eye on dogs Avoid using harmful chemicals in your garden, as these could be harmful if ingested by hedgehogs. Be careful of any larger animals such as dogs. Keep an eye on your dog, especially in the evenings.

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