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How To Look After Your Decking

A garden deck is the perfect place to soak up the sunshine and entertain friends in your own garden, so it’s no wonder decking has become increasingly popular over the years. However, you may find the winter months has turned your decking green and dirty, and therefore slippery. It is not uncommon for your deck to lose its colour throughout the seasons so it’s important to give the area some TLC every now and then. With a simple cleaning regime, your decking will look good as new!

a jet wash cleaning a decking

How to Clean Your Deck


First of all, use a soft bristle broom to sweep off any old leaves and debris. To wash the decking, A 1500 psi jet washer is the most effective and time efficient choice, anything more powerful can damage the fibres in the wood.


Whilst it can be tempting to use a chemical based cleaner to remove any algae, this will strip the wood and break down the lignin in the boards so please avoid this! Instead, use a specialised cleaning product for decking to revive the wood.

Protecting Your Deck


Deck boards are made up microscopic cells, creating a honeycomb effect which can fill with dirt and debris and ultimately, dull the appearance of your decking. Deck stain only stains the wood for cosmetic purposes instead of ‘feeding’ the wood. The best product to use is decking oil. Decking oil is applied with a soft-haired paint brush which will glide over the surface and seal the empty pores. The oil will protect against UV rays and provide a beautiful finish, reviving the wood and aiding longevity.


You will need to apply two coats of oil, thinly and evenly. The first coat will usually be touch dry in an hour or so, depending on the weather. A second coat is then needed to further protect the timber and enhance the colour. This regime is simple and inexpensive and by the end of the day, your decking will be looking fresh and ready for Summer. You should aim to do this once, if not twice a year.

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