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Tree & Hedge Planting

Elementree Group Ltd specialise in the planting of trees and hedgerows. Our previous clients include screening planting for Solar farms, haulage companies plus domestic and agricultural clients. We source the best quality plants and materials to ensure maximum survival and growth rate.

We Provide The Following Services:

  • Planting Consultancy for domestic, agricultural or commercial clientele. This includes management plans, planning of planting, plant selection and protection.
  • Forestry Planting - Re-stocking of clear fell areas, plus new planting of areas.
  • Screening - Planting for new developments, solar farms, bunds or to hide unsightly views
  • Agricultural Planting - reinstating/gapping up old hedgerows, installing new hedgerows, tree planting for livestock shade
  • Domestic Planting - Domestic hedging and tree planting
  • Tree avenues
  • Fruit tree / orchard planting
  • Large tree installation
  • Instant hedgerow installation
  • Ornamental hedgerows / tree planting
  • Commercial Planting Works
  • Commercial Landscaping Works

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