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What Style of Fence is Best?

Most of us are accustomed to seeing fences around properties of individual houses and fields, but it's not always easy choosing the best fence option for your needs. As fencing experts, we've collated the most popular choices to help you decide which fence is best for you.

The most popular fence choice is close-board or feather edge panels which come in various heights and look incredibly smart. They are both very similar in style, with each board overlapping the last. Close-board overlaps vertically, whereas feather-edge panels overlap horizontally. You can then choose between wooden, concrete or steel posts and install gravel boards below to remove gaps underneath the panel. Gravel boards can be composite, timber or concrete. Replacement fence panels and posts can be installed if a fence panel has become damaged.


If you wish your boundary to be more open in appearance, you could opt for chestnut post and rail or picket fencing, which are attractive and practical solutions. Whichever style of fence you go for, you'll need garden gates to complement your new fence, which we can supply and fit.

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Agricultural and Farm Fencing


Nobody wants their animals straying away from their property which is why it is essential smallholding fences need to be fit for purpose, safe and secure. The type of farm fencing you opt for depends on the kind of animals you keep. For example, equine owners will want to steer clear of ordinary stock netting since there is a high risk of a hoof getting caught; barbed wire fencing is also a no-go due to potential injury. Instead, we offer specialist equine netting, post and rail, chestnut post and rail or electric fencing for stable yards.


We can also erect stock fencing for cattle, sheep and other herbivores. We have the experience and equipment to install large areas of stock fencing, plus we have experience building aviaries and chicken pens.

Security Fencing


Since it has become common for commercial and educational establishments to be broken into or vandalised, there is a lot you can do to protect your premises, starting with a high-quality security fence. Since there is a massive market for metal security fencing, call us on 01403 586071 to advise you accordingly.

Wrought Iron Fencing


There is no denying wrought iron fencing is incredibly beautiful and strong, which is why it comes as no surprise that this type of fencing option looks fantastic on country estates - particularly lining driveway paths. However, regular maintenance and upkeep are needed to keep this style of fence looking beautiful.


Wooden fencing

A 6ft high wooden fence panel (or taller!) gives a strong sense of privacy and a smart consistency sought after by many homeowners. Its reasonably low cost and a well-installed, secure fence will improve the overall aesthetics of your property and will likely increase its value when it comes to selling it. If you're looking for a fence contractor in Horsham, look no further! We'll advise you on the best wooden fence option for your property.

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PVC Fencing


PVC is one of the cheapest styles of fencing, although not the most environmentally friendly nor are they the most sturdy either. However, PVC does serve the purpose for some properties, given they will resist bad weather and can last for many years with no maintenance required.


Bamboo Fencing


For the more eco-conscious customer, Bamboo fencing is more environmentally friendly and cost-effective. Bamboo will undoubtedly make your property stand out but offers very minimal security.

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Concrete Fence Posts


Concrete posts are incredibly robust and sturdy compared to timber. You'll have peace of mind knowing your fence is fully supported even in the strongest storm, making concrete fence posts the ideal option for exposed areas. Concrete posts are known for their longevity since they won't get insect damage and are resistant to damp conditions. There is also very little maintenance after installation.


Galvanised Steel Fence Posts


We supply and fit Durapost, a galvanised steel post system suitable for pretty much any type of fencing. It's stylish, secure and comes in a vast array of colours. Durapost offers exceptional strength and durability and is guaranteed to last up to 25 years. The galvanised steel posts can withstand wind speeds of up to 110mph! So they are a fantastic option for exposed areas and if you are after something more visually appealing than concrete. As a Durapost trained fencing installer, we can supply and fit all types of fencing with this unique system.

Fencing is our speciality, so if you can't see what you're looking for, call us today to discuss your fencing project or make an enquiry using our contact form. We will always advise the best fence for your needs. Whether that's a regular close-board fence to keep children and pets safe or metal security fencing for schools and commercial buildings - our fencing experts will advise you accordingly and suggest alternative fencing solutions where applicable. Our fence contractors operate throughout West Sussex, Surrey, Brighton and Hove.


With 12 years of experience in fencing, decking, installing patios, laying turf and planting trees and hedges, we are confident we can provide you with a fantastic service. Read our Trustpilot reviews here.




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