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When It's Time to Install a New Fence

When it comes to traditional garden fencing, durability is high on the priority list, but there are occasions when TLC and simple maintenance no longer do the trick. At some point, you will have to face replacing your fence. The question is, when and how do I know when to? We'll be exploring the key signs you need to look for that indicate it's time to replace your garden fence.


Is your wooden fence leaning?


As your garden fence gets older, the panels will start to weaken and will start leaning to one side instead of standing upright. Whilst this may not be noticeable to begin with, you will be able to feel the weakness in the fence by pushing it to and fro to see how much movement there is. Fence panels should be stood upright and held firmly in place by posts on each side. If there is a large amount of movement, this is the first sign your garden fence may have had its day.


That said, leaning fences can also result from storm damage and heavy winds, so a simple repair job in one section of your fencing could be all it needs to secure the panel. If in doubt, our Horsham fencing contractors are always at hand to help and advise.


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Have you noticed any rot in your fence posts or panels? if so, this needs immediate attention with wood preservative before the decay gets into the wood too far. If you leave your wooden fence to decay, then it will begin to deteriorate, and the rot will spread throughout the wood and look unsightly. If your garden fence has reached this condition, the only viable option would be to replace it.




The ever-changing seasons can lead to discolouration, making your wooden fence look dull and unsightly. Although treating your garden fence will slow down discolouration, unfortunately, if it has already begun, then it may never look like its original colour again. This is another crucial sign that you should replace your fence.

Storm Damage


Strong winds and rain can be bad news for our garden fencing as they can become severely damaged to the extent that repairing or replacing individual fence panels is not viable. If your fence has become extremely damaged or even blown off its hinges by the weather, this is a clear indication that a new fence is needed.


Missing Panels


Not only do missing panels cause major security issues with intruders or vandals, it also allows accessible escape routes for pets and children. From a visual point of view, a missing fence panel will look unsightly and affect the overall aesthetic of your garden. The first sign of a deteriorating fence panel are cracks and holes in the wood. If this is the case, then a new fence would be the viable choice.

When to replace your garden fence - horsham fencing contractors

Costly Repairs


We understand that replacing your garden fence is an investment, but it usually works out more expensive if you repeatedly repair the fence instead of opting for a replacement. Our fencing experts operate throughout Horsham and the surrounding areas to carry out emergency fence repairs, so we would suggest calling our team first to get a free estimate on repair works to see what works out better financially.


Wear & Tear


Wear and tear are inevitable, and there are many things you can do to preserve the shelf-life of your fence. However, pets that chew at the wood or children who constantly kick the ball at the fence are all things that, over time, will cause damage. Unfortunately, these things are sometimes unavoidable and will likely cause irreversible damage to your fence, which will need replacing.

Garden Makeover


If you plan to overhaul your garden, replacing the fence should be a priority since mismatched panels to border your new, beautiful garden will spoil the overall look. If you're looking for a landscaper in Horsham that can do it all from fencing to decking, patios and turf, call us today!


Since we are Jacksons Fencing approved installers, you can rest assured you'll have a long-lasting, beautiful garden fence that is guaranteed for 25 years. With a vast array of fencing styles to choose from, you can opt for something practical and stylish for your needs.

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